Workshops – Save the dates!



There are so many topics this work covers that one subject often isn't enough. In a workshop the movement often begins days before the workshop begins. I may leave the topic open this time and explore whatever wants to present on the day. These are difficult times and much is being unearthed in our souls. Are we at peace with ourselves? Are we looking for someone or something to fill a great void? Are you depressed? Feeling alone and vulnerable? So much can stir when we sit in circle. Bring it all with you and let's give you the support and information you crave.
"If we knew what was wrong we'd fix it." Let this work support you in finding that answer.
Please confirm your spot here. If you have questions please e-mail me at 403-239-5397

Fee for the day $150.00 cash or e-transfer

Any questions please contact me at

Snacks and water will be provided for the day
Bring slippers or warm socks.
Our kitchen is yours for the day so feel free to bring a lunch
Parking for 2 vehicles in our driveway.
Otherwise off street parking in the turn off into Hampshire Grove or Hamptons Circle.

Look forward to seeing you and hoping you will leave with "enough"


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The benefits you will take from this phenomenal therapy are:

  • Clarity and understanding of what you are unconsciously entangled with in your system.
  • Discovering hidden loyalties that keep you stuck in patterns.
  • More healthy connectedness to your system enabling you to have richer and more fulfilling relationships.
  • Turning your past into a source of strength
  • Often instant relief with medical issues such as anxiety, panic attacks and depression.
  • Seeing life in a whole new way with more purpose and vitality.
  • The ability to lose the story of the wounded child.   This sets us free from incredible burdens that were never ours to carry.
  • Transforming your blocks and self sabotage

NEW!   When the timing is right I will announce the dates.

10069 Hamptons Blvd. N. W., Calgary, AB T3A 4Y6

10:00 a.m. until noon.    Fee $50.00 

By request I am offering this new program for children ages 9 - 12 years old.

As I have worked with a number of your children and listened to their stories and yours my intention is to offer the support needed that sometimes a parent just can't give.   Perhaps they themselves are too emotionally drained or were never taught themselves.

This workshop will be to give the children support, a safe place to land and to develop their own unique skills so they can take life's "blows" in a much gentler way.   So much easier than repairing it all later.   I will listen to the children and take my lead from there.    Their voice is important and I wish to provide them with their needs.   This is for them.


I  offer private sessions from my home.
These sessions last about 2 hours and my fee is $150.00 per session.
Please contact me if you would like to book.
In the case of long distance I offer Skype or phone.