TinyForge-headerYou are a perfect instrument of the Divine to help others heal, you have an amazing gift and you are using it in a right way. The world needs people like you Rosina. Love you so much. 💕🌹💕   Danuta C.

I just wanted to add to this. You helped unlock emotions I had buried you saw right through my walls and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.    Kristy McC

Rosie you are a gift. Our work together lightened the load & assisted in things moving forward. Will be holding space for your healing after surgery. I do some amazing body work - always room for you.
Natalie V.
My Consultant from Families Matter Society - a not-for-profit group which helps families with difficult situations - told me about Rosina Wellmann.  I have experienced stress in my family since 2015 - as we have a child (Andrew) who has special needs with ASD, ADHD and an LD.  In addition to that, Huntington Disease runs in my family, and I struggled with a mother who was affected by the disease.   I became her caregiver.
I first consulted Rosina Wellman in March of 2017 upon the advice of our Family Counsellor from Families Matter.  I didn’t know much about Systemic Constellations and the role that trauma plays in the family in current and past generations.
When I first met Rosina, I knew she could help me.  She has an amazing energy and ability to ask the right questions to gain insight into your specific situation.
She has a really warm and comfortable office in her home which is inviting and safe.
Rosina also has her therapy dog Jaxon (who is 11!) who has an uncanny ability to read people and assist with the sessions.  My son Andrew (who is 8) recently attended a session with me and Rosina in December 2018, and Jaxon made Andrew feel comfortable and loved.
Rosina is very professional,  thorough and knowledgeable.   I attended psychologist sessions for many years in a row.  A consult with Rosina provided much more breakthrough and insights in such a profound and deeply felt way. Since I have consulted Rosina,  I have broken through some negative patterns in my life, and Rosina has helped me understand their source - based on our history, our story and the role of family trauma in previous generations. I can now establish more healthy relationships with friends and family.
Thank you Rosina.  You have allowed me insight into how I can be a better wife, mother and role model for my children and my extended family.
For that I will forever be grateful.
Dana Kennedy

“How I perceived life and people was different after Rosina’s workshop. I felt lighter but full of appreciation and love. My life got a changed story where self love, tolerance and happiness became the new me”.
Dr. Loretta Kershaw, MD

Thank you! I have much more clarity about my relationship to my son now too... I know you mentioned it before in our one-on-one sessions, but now, after a full day workshop, I can actually see it... Thank you...  When is the next one? I really enjoyed it. Thanks for all the eye opening experiences.

Norja Vanderelst

I created this watercolour image for my dear friend Rosina a few years ago for her healing practice. She leads the most beautiful and soul provoking workshops founded in systemic Constellation work.  I highly recommend her work to anyone looking for more self-love, self-understanding, healing or guidance in any form. I have attended many of her workshops and can speak to the truth and the depth of the healing.  Find her on Facebook as Family Constellations Health & Healing - with Rosina Wellmann

Sarah Bella