TinyForge-headerYou are a perfect instrument of the Divine to help others heal, you have an amazing gift and you are using it in a right way. The world needs people like you Rosina. Love you so much💕🌹💕   Danuta C.

Rosina is very professional,  thorough and knowledgeable.   I attended psychologist sessions for many years in a row.  A consult with Rosina provided much more breakthrough and insights in such a profound and deeply felt way. Since I have consulted Rosina,  I have broken through some negative patterns in my life, and Rosina has helped me understand their source - based on our history, our story and the role of family trauma in previous generations. I can now establish more healthy relationships with friends and family.
Thank you Rosina.  You have allowed me insight into how I can be a better wife, mother and role model for my children and my extended family.
For that I will forever be grateful.
Dana Kennedy

“How I perceived life and people was different after Rosina’s workshop. I felt lighter but full of appreciation and love. My life got a changed story where self love, tolerance and happiness became the new me”.
Dr. Loretta Kershaw, MD

Thank you! I have much more clarity about my relationship to my son now too... I know you mentioned it before in our one-on-one sessions, but now, after a full day workshop, I can actually see it... Thank you...  When is the next one? I really enjoyed it. Thanks for all the eye opening experiences.

Norja Vanderelst

I created this watercolour image for my dear friend Rosina a few years ago for her healing practice. She leads the most beautiful and soul provoking workshops founded in systemic Constellation work.  I highly recommend her work to anyone looking for more self-love, self-understanding, healing or guidance in any form. I have attended many of her workshops and can speak to the truth and the depth of the healing.  Find her on Facebook as Family Constellations Health & Healing - with Rosina Wellmann

Sarah Bella