My story is simple. Born in Ireland to a family of 6 I spent most of my childhood roaming the countryside, exploring and having lots of adventures.  A pretty carefree childhood.

rosina-wellmann-family-constellations-calgaryIn 1980 I came to Canada to start a new life as I had grown weary of "The Troubles"  It was never my intention to become a spiritual teacher, healer or any of the other titles I seem to have acquired over the years but simply to survive, find my way and do well. I was destined to find this path as it seemed to follow me around. I have had some wonderful teachers and mentors in my day and am grateful to all of them for the support, encouragement and enlightenment that followed.

In the early 1990's I started to work in the field of Intuitive Counselling. In 2005 life directed me on a new path and in 2006 I was introduced to Family & Systemic Constellations. This was the tool I had been searching for to provide client support in moving forward in a better way. Family Constellations provided that next step and I can honestly say it is simply an honour and humbling experience to stand in service to so many while I also learn to discard what I no longer need in my own life.

I trained with Francesca Mason Boring in 2007. A training full of ceremony and rich teachings according to the philosophies of Bert Hellinger, the founder of this work.
I continue to expand with additional training under the supervision of Mark Wolynn, Bill Mannle, Bertold Ulsamer, the great teachers at Bernreid, the Intensives and Conferences.  Grateful to these gifted mentors for providing me with "enough", and a deep well to draw from.

I continue to learn and grow, to develop in new ways, and am in deep gratitude to be able to live life with a passion knowing how deeply this work helps us all heal from a soul level. I hope I am always open to receive the wisdom and insights of a higher self that has supported me well. Every client is my teacher.
rosina and jax

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